Honeycomb Padded Envelops

Our brown Kraft honeycomb padded envelopes are made from two layers of recycled paper, with one a honeycomb layer, and are an affordable, realistic option to replace plastic lined padded mailing envelopes. The self-sealing closure is tamper-evident, and your team will find them just as quick to use as conventional padded envelopes.

From a practical stance, honeycomb padded envelopes are ideal, and since they are incredibly lightweight – just 12 grams – they won’t add to your postage costs. They are also much better for team members and customers with allergies, because unlike fibre padded mailers, honeycomb paper doesn’t dust. Our honeycomb padded envelopes are available in a range of sizes, making them the perfect option for sending orders of different sizes to your customers.

Honeycomb padded envelop


Description  Honeycomb Padded Envelops
Material 100% Kraft Paper
Color White, Brown, Black for option
Paper Weight 3 layers, outer paper is 100gsm, inner layer
Padded liner 80gsm honeycomb paper
Glue Hot Melt glue
closure Peel & Seal, Self-adhesive
Standard Size 100x165mm,150x215mm, 180x265mm, 220x340mm,

240x340, 350x370mm
Customized? Yes
Tolerance +/-5mm
Side Proteciton two sides, 10mm each side
Recyclable? Yes, alternative to normal bubble padded bags
Biodegradable? Yes
Compostable? Yes
Cusotm printing? Yes
Pack informaiton 100pcs or 200pcs per per export carton
Suggestions Application Spare parts, hardware fittings, valves, gears, sprockets,
hoses, wiring, bearings, switches, pumps, etc