Packaging Made Ltd helps you do business, sustainably. By creating high-quality, low-cost recycled packaging, we’re forging a greener future and strong partnerships with major UK distributors. We’re continually pioneering new ways to cut plastic waste and emissions, while supplying the packaging wholesale solutions you demand.


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Our China-based supply chain is built on 15 years of innovation, trust, and full traceability. Having our own factory and reprocessing plant enables us to uphold our strict working standards. With our own recycling facility too, we can keep the cycle of sustainability in motion. Every stage of design and production is closely monitored, from the sourcing of post-consumer plastic to the manufacture of our products. We work ethically and eco-consciously, to positively impact the planet and our industry.


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Trust Packaging Made Ltd to create products that are superior in every way; products that meet your needs and set you apart as an environmentally-responsible business. We ship your wholesale packaging directly to you from our factory in China while our UK based customer service here to help, saving you hassle and import costs.


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