100% Recycled Mailing Bags

Made from 100% recycled LDPE, waterproof, tear resistant and super lightweight for cost saving, all mailing bags feature a self-adhesive strip and printed simplicity warning sign and recycled content message. Polymer pellets are melted, colour is added, bags then go through extrusion, printing and conversion processes to generate the finished product.


100% Recycled Mailing Bags


Packaging Made use the highest % of recycled content whenever possible, the
plastic contents in this product is post consumed waste collected from the agriculture industry,
we verify the whole supply chain with Globe Recycled Standard (GRS).




Recycled Resin LDPE 95%

Virgin Resin LDPE 0%


Release film PET 1.7%

Adhesive Hotmelt 1.8%

Raw Materials (polythene resins) are mixed & blended,

melted to flow temperature and extruded under

pressure to produce required thickness (μm) in the

form of a film. The film goes though conversion process

to make the finished goods.

Average thickness

 50 to 55 mic

Melt down temperature

 210 ◦C

Tensile strength

 MD 27.3 MPa and TD 20.5MPa GB/T 1040.3

Elongation at break

 MD 750 and TD at 920 GB/T 1130-1991





100% Recycled Mailing Bags


Sustainability of this product

  •  Drop-off recyclable
  •  Recycled content
  •  Volume reduction
  •  Weight reduction